Sunday, November 1, 2015

Common Mistakes Committed in a Job Interview

No job interview is flawless. One of the good techniques for preparing for your job interview is learning from others’ mistakes and knowing how to avoid these common mistakes.
You’ve worked hard to get that job interview.
You faced many obstacles to arrive at this stage. Now it is your responsibility to take it to success.
1. Lack of Preparation: Lack of knowledge is the first mistake you should avoid. One has to prepare himself making a good study on the company, the position and for every related questions that may be asked.
2. Failure to highlight achievements: you should provide good examples of your background and skills against the position.
3. Talking too less or talking too much: Unexpected answers like saying the wrong things, wrong ideas, too-short-answers or at the opposite too-long-answers are the guaranteed ways to get eliminated from the interview.
4. Reaching Late: Avoid arriving late for job interviews. Sometimes it may happen due to unavoidable reasons, you should apologize first to rectify this first interaction failure.
5. Poor Dress Code: Your job interview dress code is the first impression you will be making.
6. Failed Body language: A poor eye contact, bad handshake, sitting inappropriately and not smiling naturally are the best indications for losing in a job interview. Relax and feel comfortable before an interview.
7. Negative talk: avoid negative comments and complaints about your past employers.The first impression you create when you’re negative about someone is that your loyalty and integrity is questionable.
8. Interrupting: You should first listen carefully to the interviewer’s question before answering.
9. Hesitating to provide personal details: While answering the questions “tell me about yourself” candidates sometimes think that the interviewer wants personal details in fact, this is about who you are, what you are about this career and most importantly what you want to achieve from this position. 
11. Failure in asking the right questions: When the chance comes to ask questions, you should show your interest about the job by asking intelligent questions about the job opportunities and duties.
12. Questions about salary: It is advisable that you avoid asking about salary during an interview until the interviewer mention this. The employer may think that you are only interested in is the pay.
13. Being unprofessional: Some interviews are set in a comfortable atmosphere that may mislead you, focus on your objectives and the job description.
14. Not asking about the process after the interview: After the interview you should state that you are interested in the job and like to know about the next interview stage.
15. Smoking: It smells and draws a negative impression about you at the start the interview.
16. Answering calls during the interview: This is one of the biggest mistakes you can commit during an interview because you force the interviewer to wait for you.
17. Showing lack of interest in the job: Your answers to the questions as an interviewee should reflect your enthusiasm about the job that you are applying for.
18. Over confidence: Do not exaggerate your achievements – be honest and humble.
19. Dishonesty: Honesty is the best policy be mature enough to handle questions. The employers may call your references to verify your answers.
20. No follow up after the interview: Follow up with a thank you email or a letter after an interview otherwise you may lose a good opportunity.

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